Panorama, as France tries to come to terms with the deaths of 17 people murdered in the Islamist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, Panorama investigates the battle for the hearts of minds of British Muslims. Broadcast just five days after the massacre, investigative BBC reporter John Ware explores in this timely documentary, how moderate British Muslims face an angry backlash for trying to promote a form of Islam consistent with British values.

What Ware discovers is that a fundamentalist ideology has more in common with elements of Islam practiced in the UK than some have been prepared to admit. Why has ‘Jihadi John’ become a magnet for some young British Muslims? What is it about radical Islam’s interpretation that makes some of Muslims believe it is acceptable to support such a fundamentalist ideology? How widespread is this ideology and can it be challenged in line with our own commitment to democracy and free speech as well as embracing tolerance of other faiths?

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