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Company Key Facts

Last Update 16th November 2016
Stock Code ZIN.L
Year End 30th June
No of Shares In Issue 611,775,478
Free Float 20.95%
Country of Incorporation Scotland
Registered Address 7 Exchange Crescent, Conference Square, Edinburgh EH3 8AN
Company Number SC075133
Main Country of Operation England
Date Listed 31st July 2001
Index Market AIM

Description of the business

Listed on the London Stock Exchange – AIM, Zinc Media Group plc, is a producer of high-quality television and radio together with integrated publishing and communications content. The Group operates as three divisions – Television, Publishing and Communications.

Television – Engaging, entertaining and intelligent

This division produces high-quality programming that attracts both audiences and industry awards. It continues to prioritise the development of series ideas and forge new relationships with programme commissioners. In recent years. the division has built upon its international reputation to ensure a wider reach and broader client base. The strategy is to grow our television production business organically with strategic additions of talent.

Communications – Content that Counts

Our Communications division is an award-winning fully-integrated digital communications agency. It specialises in creating communications strategies and behaviour change programmes, campaigns and resources for corporates, charities and government departments.

These creative campaigns are delivered through a variety of platforms including print, events, video and more notably through a range of online and digital application-based formats.

Publishing – Essential information for specialised and niche audiences

The Publishing division, which is now based entirely in Macclesfield, concentrates primarily on one contract in the home and build sector for LABC (Local Authority Building Control, a not-for-profit membership organisation that represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales).  The businesses publishes homeowner planning guidelines for local authorities across the UK and sells trader advertising in those guidelines.

Overall strategy and KPIs
The focus of the Group and its planned strategies is to increase, enhance and deliver quality, diverse and increasing digital content across a range of mediums. The key KPIs agreed by the Board are therefore:

  • Profitability assessed by key measures.
  • Creative and digital content and products.
  • Cash generation.
  • Core market growth.
  • Enhanced overall performance.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Investment opportunities.

Current Constitutional documents: read the articles here.

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities: there are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

Financial information: read more about financial information here.

Number of shares in issue: 611,775,478

The Company has not applied or agreed to have any of its securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Significant Shareholding over 3%

The Company was informed of the following shareholdings on 16th May 2016 each representing 3% or more of the current issued share capital:

No. of ordinary shares %
Herald Investment Trust plc 144,870,422 34.54
Artemis Alpha Trust plc 65,307,978 15.57
Luke Johnson 50,000,000 11.92
Broadwalk Asset Management LLP 27,500,000 6.56
John Booth and The John Booth Charitable Foundation 27,146,355 6.47
N+1 Singer 19,050,000 4.54
Charles Street Securities LLP 15,000,000 3.58


Admission document and circulars

Admission document (PDF)
Last Updated: 17th June 2015
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Shareholder circular (PDF)
Last Updated: 28 October 2016
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Country of incorporation and main country of operation

Zinc Media Group plc, a company incorporated in Scotland under company number SC75133

Registered office:
7 Exchange Crescent
Conference Square
Edinburgh EH3 8AN

Main country of operation: England.

Articles of Association: click here to download.


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